Parfait-7.00 Granola, greek yogurt, fresh fruit, chia seeds, almonds, dried cranberry and honey

Avocado Toast-8.00  Fresh sliced avocado, kosher salt, cracked black pepper, radish, cilantro, arugula and daikon sprouts on freshly toasted sourdough.  Served with Lemon wedge.

Lox Bagel Sandwich-8.00 Choice of bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers, red onion  and arugula.  Served with lemon wedge.

Veggie Bagel Sandwich-6.50 Choice of bagel with cucumber, tomato, cilantro, red onion and arugula with cream cheese or olive oil.

Salami and Goat cheese sandwich-9.00  Aged dried salami, goat cheese, tomato, arugula and olive oil on sourdough.  Served with green olives and cornichons.

Lazy Salad-8.50  Arugula, avocado, cucumber, red onion, tomato, almonds, goat cheese and dried cranberries with a house balsamic dressing.

Ham and Cheese melt-8.00  Honey ham and american cheese melted on a croissant.  Served with cornichons and dijon.

Toasted bagels-3.75  Plain, Garlic, Everything, Spinach, Cinnamon Raisin, Strawberry or Blueberry.  Choice of cream cheese, butter or strawberry Jam.

Toasted Croissants-3.50 for Strawberry and whipped cream. 3.00 for Honey and Almonds and 2.50 for plain croissant.